The Extra Effort Challenge


The Extra Effort Challenge

The Extra Effort Challenge is uniting loyal donors and showing how a small individual increase in your annual support can have a significant collective impact. We invite you to accept the challenge today by increasing your support to the next membership level or by adding an extra 10 percent to your current annual gift.


Miami’s inspiring student-athletes
are turning to you.


In 2013-2014, the Extra Effort was felt, with 307 Red & White Club members giving 110 PERCENT and 185 members carrying their giving to the NEXT LEVEL. The collective impact provided the equivalent of five additional in-state scholarships!


The Extra Effort Impact
Swoop made a $250 gift to the Red & White Club on June 15, 2014, and now he’s accepting the Extra Effort Challenge. Let’s take a look at his options and the impact:

  • Swoop increases his previous year’s giving by 10 percent, raising his total to $275. The extra $25 covers two additional student-athlete lunches.
  • Swoop decides to take flight for the Captain level and increases his gift to $500. The additional $250 buys three new student-athlete textbooks.

Just imagine the impact if Swoop gets his whole flock to accept the challenge!