About the Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Miami University Foundation is to support the educational and research activities of Miami University through the identification and solicitation of contributions of money and gifts and the management and stewardship of the Miami University endowment.


The vision of the Miami University Foundation is to be the guardian of Miami University’s future through the Foundation’s activities to grow the University’s endowment and to be recognized as a model for performance, accountability, stewardship and commitment to excellence.

Board of Directors

The Miami University Foundation Board of Directors selects, monitors, and evaluates the management of Foundation assets. They comprise the Investment Committee of the Foundation and meet quarterly to scrutinize the performance of managers, screen potential investment firms, and allocate assets among the various investment sectors, managers, and asset allocation styles. The committee also establishes the guidelines for all managers and makes certain each firm is operating within its stated investment objectives.

Members & Responsibility of the Miami University Foundation Board

Tax documents are available on the Information for Attorneys and Brokers page.

The Miami University Foundation Donor Intent Policy